Four of Clubs

2022 - present

Four of Clubs is a web-based online game that supports Texas hold 'em and other card games. I built it out of frustration for the lack of decent online card games. No account is required, and anyone can start their own lobbies and invite their friends. It supports a feature I call Couch mode that lets the host of the lobby stream to a TV or other shared screen, and all other players can join on their phones or another secondary screen.

Four of Clubs is written with a React/TypeScript frontend and a Node/TypeScript/Express backend. I chose this stack because I wanted to be able to easily share data between the frontend and backend, and share common processes between the client and server.

Currently, 4C supports Texas hold 'em poker and Blackjack. Most game properties are customizable, from the virtual currency being used to the drawing behavior on soft-17s in Blackjack. There are no fees as the service is meant to be entirely free to play with instantly.


In the future, I would like to add more games to the site, and I'd like to support official matches after logging in to an account so that users can keep a persistent virtual balance.