Zander F

Full-stack hobbyist

I'm a 17-year-old hobbyist programmer. I like to play video games and design software.


Here are some projects I work on or have made in the past.


Engauge is my current Discord project that allows server owners to gauge and reward their Discord members. It is complete with a configurable web interface.


Qubit (formerly Discoid) was a Discord bot I worked on from 2016 to 2018. It was a multipurpose bot that enabled Discord power users to perform many actions.


blend2d-cr is a binding of Blend2D for Crystal. Blend2D is a high performance 2D vector graphics engine. blend2d-cr is my maintained binding.


pars3k is a Crystal library for combinator parsers. It is heavily inspired by Parsec from Haskell. The GitHub has an extremely thorough README.

Roblox Projects

I have been on Roblox since 2012, and have made many games on it.


Extract was an FPS for Roblox I developed in 2018. It is complete with several maps, quite a few weapons, an attachment system, a scoring system, and a matchmaking system. It is not my best work to date.

Brick Building Game

On the spring break of 2019, I developed a loose recreation of Blockland in about 48 hours. It had intuitive building controls, colors, saving builds, and a few more features.

Gun Shooting Game

To expand on my series of poorly named Roblox games, I made/have been working on Gun Shooting Game, a "spiritual" successor to Extract, influenced by many design choices I learned as I was working on Extract. It has a very polished animation system and much nicer code. Moreover, I designed all weapons.