Zander Franks_

Software engineer

My name is Zander, and I'm a 21-year-old software engineer.

I am studying Computer Science at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, and am currently an engineering intern at RackN.


I redid this site, as all good developers must do a few times

March 2, 2024 Read

My experiences getting my E3-Pro working with custom firmware

March 17, 2022 Read


Engauge 2020 - present

Engauge is a Discord bot I started working on in early 2020. It is used to track member participation by means of message and voice activity and consequently quantifying this data with video game-like levels and experience.

Four of Clubs 2022 - present

Four of Clubs is a web-based online game that supports Texas hold 'em and other card games. I built it out of frustration for the lack of decent online card games. No account is required, and anyone can start their own lobbies and invite their friends.

mipsim 2022

mipsim (mip - sim) is a lightweight MIPS assembly editor and simulator. It supports all base MIPS instructions and then some pseudo-instructions. It has syntax highlighting, hoverable instruction details, a memory dump view, stepping tools, and more. I made it during an introduction to computer architecture class.