Zander F

Hobbyist programmer


My name is Zander, and I'm an 19-year-old hobbyist programmer. I have been writing code for around a decade of my life. I enjoy experimenting with new technologies and finding handy ways to solve random problems.

I am currently in my first year studying Computer Science at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.


I have experimented with a handful of projects over time. Below are some projects I'm proud of.


rust typescript react full stack discord bot

2020 - present

Engauge is a Discord bot I started working on in early 2020. It is used to track member participation by means of message and voice activity and consequently quantifying this data with video game-like levels and experience. It is one of my most feature-rich projects to date, with a bot backend and web API written in Rust and a frontend written with React and TypeScript.


rust raytracer school

2021 - 2022

This raytracer project is my current work for my apprenticeship project at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. It is a rewrite of an older project in Rust, designed for maximum performance. Over the course of this school year, I am working with Dr. Kenny Hunt to research rendering and optimization techniques as a way to further my understanding of high-performance computing, especially with parallelization.

Cube Game

c# unity game


I worked with Unity for about a week to create a Cube World-inspired terrain generator, character controller, and building system. I became acquainted with Unity, its architecture, shader programming, mesh optimization, and more with this project.

Brickadia projects

js crystal rust library open source

2020 - present

I have made quite a number of small projects for the server wrapper Omegga for the game Brickadia, ranging from simple rotating hints that appear in chat to seamless teleporters. I have also written two (Crystal and Rust) save serializer/deserializer libraries, as well as my own experimental server wrapper.

Discoid and Qubit

c# discord bot

2015 - 2018

Discoid (eventually renamed Qubit) was my entry into the Discord bot development world. It was a multipurpose bot with features ranging from gambling and clans to custom commands and alerting keywords in chat. By the end of its lifetime, it was being used in over 30,000 unique Discord servers, which is still my most successful project to date, despite my programming abilities having improved significantly.


Care to indulge in some occasional ramblings?

The Gizzard Wizard what my mother calls it. Admittedly, the name King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard is a bit of a mouthful. Normally I'll mention it to someone and the obvious response is "what kind of name is that?" In all honesty, it's a great name, but I feel like it might be a bit of a turn off for some people, which is a shame. A little over a year ago, I started listening to said bizzare band, and they've since taken over my music taste. I decided to take a bit of time to write about them and what it is I enjoy so much about their music.

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